Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Company Haverhill, MADuring the hot summer months, probably the single largest portion of your electric bill will be for your air conditioner. As your air conditioner gets older, it may not cool your house as efficiently, costing you more every month on your energy bills. Today, the standard for air conditioners is a minimum of 13 SEER and may use environmentally friendly refrigerants. Combining these two features results in savings and better cooling throughout your home.

The compatibility of your home size, your lifestyle habits and the size of your air conditioning unit could be a major issue for proper cooling and humidity control of the entire home. Therefore, it is extremely important that you discuss your cooling options with one of our trained technicians to ensure that you are getting the right system for your home comfort.

Northeast Heating & Cooling specializes in new air conditioning installations:

  • High efficiency air conditioners
  • Digital Thermostats
  • Zoned Cooling
  • Indoor Air Quality

For service to your existing air conditioning system or a new installation call us at (800) 691-0122.